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Our passionate team of technology experts have developed a range of solutions to ensure you can safely welcome your staff and members back into your club.

Virtual Studio Solutions

Video Streaming Solutions

Portable Audio Solutions

Density Control Solutions

Temperature Screening

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Our team have been providing best-in-class Audio Visual & Access Control solutions for the Health & Fitness Industry since 1991.

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Virtual Studio Solutions

We know Virtual! It’s all about combining a great sound system, the perfect visual solution, phenomenal lights and content from the likes of Les Mills, MyRide, Fitbox Virtual and Myzone to create a motivating and memorable workout experience. We've got the technical know-how, operational means and passion to make the best virtual experience possible!

  • AV to the Max - make the most of your AV equipment
  • More Classes - expand your group exercise schedule
  • Flexible Studios - from single projection to dazzling video walls
  • Endless options - a range of content providers to choose from

Video Streaming Solutions

Be Seen! Be Heard! We've put together a range of Audio Visual bundles for live streaming and on demand content creation from your home or studio.

  • Budget-Friendly Professional Grade Bundles
  • Stabilising Portable Tripods
  • Mobile Compatible Directional Microphones
  • Live Production Switcher
  • From Filming Lights to Colour Changing Battens
  • Bespoke Systems Available

Portable Audio Solutions

Sound like a pro! A robust and truly portable audio solution to give Rockstar Instructors the freedom to move and deliver exceptional indoor/outdoor group exercise classes.

  • Bose S1 Pro
  • Audio Technica - Wireless Microphone System
  • HT Headset Microphone
  • 5 x Additional Windshields
  • Neoprene Belt Pouch
  • Optional extras including additional speaker and instructor platform

Density Control Solutions

Control member occupancy levels to ensure you can safely operate while also adhering to social distancing guidelines.

  • Get Real-Time Customer Numbers
  • Optional Audio Alerts
  • Multi-door & Multi-zone Options
  • On-Brand Customer Friendly Notification Messages

Temperature Screening Solutions

We have a range of Temperature Screening Solutions to enable your facility to open and operate safely for employees and members.

  • Detect Face-Mask & Elevated Skin-Surface Temperatures
  • Multi-Person Detection Capability
  • Automatic Alerts
  • High Accuracy & Speeds
  • Plug & Play Options

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